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In today’s Tutorial, I will show you How To Design Your Logo In The Easiest Way | Monogram Logo Design | Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

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The logo design Process: To make sure that your final design is the ideal answer to the client's problem, you need to follow to a particular logo design method while creating a logo. There are always specific procedures that will ensure you have a fantastic finished logo design:

Design Brief: In this phase, you give the customer a comprehensive logo design quiz to gather all the necessary data.

Research and mind mapping: During this phase, you should conduct in-depth research on your client's industry and rivals. You should also find out who your client's target market is.

Sketching and Refining: This process involves putting ideas on paper, regardless of how your drawings turn out. It also involves collecting as many logo design concepts as you can, before selecting the best ones and polishing them up.

Digitizing: In this stage, you will digitize your sketches to create vector logo designs that are easily scalable.

Delivery: This is the stage when you give a strong presentation to the client of all your logo design concepts.

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